MidtVest Junior Choir was founded in 2000. The choir consists of about 25 girls age 10-12 who have all been members of the Childrens Choir for two years. The Junior Choir is the preparatory school for MidtVest Girls Choir. The choir season starts in the beginning of September.


The choir’s repertoire is very diverse and consists of Danish songs, Swedish folk melodies, English pop hits, African songs and much more. The choir sings mostly in the classical tradition, but when performing popular material, the choir and conductor pursue an authentic and natural popular feel.

When the repertoire requires it, the choir makes use of simple choreography. The choir sings mostly polyphonic, but also work with the beautiful unison sound that can be achieved when 25 girls sing together.


The conductor for MidtVest Junior Choir is Anne-Kathrine Højgaard Johansen, who also leads the MidtVest Childrens Choir.