MidtVest Girls Choir wishes to challenge the boundaries for how choir music is created and experienced!
We challenge the dynamic between voice, body and concert space, and combine classical choir sound with choreography and performance.

MidtVest Girls Choir was founded by Dorte Bille, who has led and conducted the choir since the beginning of 1999.

The road to MidtVest Girls Choir goes through the Beginners Choir, Childrens Choir and Junior Choir. The four choirs consist in total of 130 girls and young women ages 5 to 22. All the singers have vocal and ear training at the Jutland School of Singing in Herning.

The choir’s sound ideal is seminally classical, but our repertoire includes music from various genres and with varying musical expressions.

We have a high level of activity and ambition. MidtVest Girls Choir rehearses twice a week, sings 20 to 25 concerts a year, works intensely on rehearsal weekends and choir camps, and travels at least once a year touring abroad. We frequently commission and premiere new choir works, as well as recording CD’s and music videos.

MidtVest Girls Choir has a large network. Throughout the concert year, we work with a series of cultural institutions, musicians and artists.

Recurring collaborators are, among others, the Jutland Baroque Ensemble, the Dutch choreographer Panda van Proosdij, conductor and composer Bob Chilcott (GB), Operaen i Midten and La Maîtrise de Paris. We also have a regular collaboration with Herning-Gjellerup church community, where we sing several concerts every year.

Textilforum in Herning is an unusual collaborator, who has accommodated several special concerts. Among others, we have made performances with the artist Annette Skov and sound designer Ole Viinberg.