Dorte Bille is MidtVest Girls Choirs’ founder and conductor.

Dorte studied as a general music teacher at the Royal Academy of Music, graduating in 1986 and persuaded further studies in Hungary.

From 1995 to 2008, Dorte was associate professor in music at Skive Teacher’s College where she, aside from teaching, conducted Skive Teacher’s College Choir.

Dorte lectures on subjects relating to children, music and movement. She has been a guest lecturer on music and movement for the youngest at the three music academies in Jutland and has been guest conductor at choir events for childrens choirs across the country.

Dorte Bille co-authored the book “Rygsækken – en bog om børn, musik og bevægelse” (Egtved 1997) and ”Metodikbog” (Dansk Sang 2006) and has authored the book ”Årets gang i Spirekoret” (Dansk Sang 2008).

Since 2000, Dorte has worked at the Jutland School of Singing as conductor for MidtVest Girls Choir. Furthermore, she teaches ear training at the school and is a vocal consultant in “Find Your Voice”, an upgrade programme for music teachers in primary schools.

Dorte Bille is the director for the MidtVest Girls Choirs and educational coordinator at the Jutland School of Singing.